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APRIL 2016
business elite canada
terprise consisted of only six employees.
In the span of less than a decade, the staff
count more than tripled, now numbering
at 20.
In addition to business IT support, C2 En-
terprise specializes in enhancing custom-
er service quality, enabling operational
delivery of multi-department services for
HR services, finance and procurement,
along with key asset management such
as wealth, personnel, commodities, inven-
tory, equipment and contract information.
Offering both SaaS and On-Premise de-
ployment, C2 Enterprise prioritizes the se-
curity of confidential data while maintain-
ing speedy operational performance.
Solutions are tailored to the needs of the
public sector as well. For example, in the
healthcare industry, the company offers
continual high-speed performance and
compliant IT & asset service management
software. When working with municipal
organizations, C2 provide efficient self-
service tools such as a web portal through
which citizens can correspond directly
with the city.
The company offers strategic solutions
that focus on building transparency be-
tween governing parties and their citizens.
Software solutions also enable parties to
meet high expectations regardless of lim-
ited resources and staff. The result: ele-
vated public approbation and reciprocated
satisfaction from government officials.
The company communicates heavily with
clients, using a collaborative approach to
mould solutions based on specific need
and measurable objectives. Furthermore,
communication does not cease upon prod-
uct implementation; in addition to provid-
ing training and technical support, C2 En-
terprise touches base with clients during
bi-annual user group meetings.
“We want our clients to be superstars of customer services — we want to help
them be heroes.” Stéphane Lauzière, CEO
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