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the next five years CFR plans to expand
further into British Columbia, particularly
into the northeast region, which is tightly
connected to northwest Alberta, McKay
said. They’ll also stretch into Saskatche-
wan, continuing to excel in their niche by
keeping to a specific suite of products and
As a company, CFR Chemicals has a num-
ber of strengths: their infrastructure, the
location of their infrastructure, and their
access to capital, which allows for contin-
ued investment in capacity. But it’s also
the people who come to work each day
that drive a good portion of the company’s
success. They currently stand at 37 em-
ployees, and are proud to have a turnover
rate that is the lowest in their industry,
McKay said. They aim to maintain a small
yet highly skilled staff, allowing the com-
pany to withstand the ups and downs of
the oil and gas industry without having to
resort to layoffs.
“I think we treat our employees well,” he
said. “We communicate well with them,
we provide a platform for them to have the
autonomy to do their work and we show
appreciation for what they do.”
Fostering a safe environment is also cru-
cial, particularly in the chemical industry,
and CFR puts a high priority on the safe
handling of their products. Last year, they
were awarded the Canadian National Rail-
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