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By Cheryl Long
hey say the third time’s the charm.That was the
case for CFR Chemicals, which was recently
named one of Canada’s Best Managed Com-
panies for 2014. It took three tries but after narrowing
their focus and further streamlining their operations,
the company moved from the finalist category to the
esteemed list of 50 outstanding companies.
“When you go through a process like that, you have
no choice but to take a microscope to your own stra-
tegic process and see what works and what’s not
working,” said President & CEO Brian McKay. “Be-
cause we’re a smaller player in a very big industry, I
think it’s given us a bit of credibility; to say to some
of the bigger and more well-known companies: hey,
we’re a company that’s been around and we think
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