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from all over the world for distribution to
the energy and industrial manufacturing in-
dustries, and has expanded their sales and
distribution teams to locations in Alberta,
British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The
company will store, trans-load, transport
and blend chemicals for their clients. What
makes CFR unique is their capacity, both
in storage and rail access, which exceeds
that of their larger competitors and allows
them to store and manage their clients’
chemical inventory.
“We have more flammable and non-flam-
mable tank capacity than anybody in Al-
berta and more rail capacity than anybody
within the chemical space in Alberta,”
McKay said.
Rather than investing their own resources
and capital in storage infrastructure, CFR
Chemicals provides that capacity to their
clients. Last year, they invested $6.5 mil-
lion to triple their rail capacity as part of an
ongoing plan for future growth.
CFR specializes in both products and ser-
vices. Products include gas processing
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