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and industrial chemicals, and specialty and
oil production chemicals. They’ve also de-
veloped proprietary products, such as their
patented H2S scavengers, as a means of
finding innovative solutions to meet their
customers’ needs. Their range of services
has been designed to close the gap be-
tween customers’ needs and the standard
menu offered by the industry. After-hours
and emergency chemical services, bulk
tank rentals and chemical storage services,
logistics and trans-loading services, and
laboratory analysis and oilfield consulting
are the offerings that separate CFR from
some of their competitors. Innovation and
sustainability also play a large role at CFR
chemicals, ensuring that the products they
develop reduce the industry’s impact on
the environment.
“We really do pride ourselves in trying to
find unique and different ways to help our
“We do really look at our customers as partners and we try not to look at them
as a mechanism just for us to run a business and make money. We look at it
as an opportunity to create a really strong partnership and grow our businesses
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