BEC / NOV / 2018 - page 9

Minister of Infrastructure and Commu-
nities, discussed the role P3s can
play in the federal government’s
$180-billion Investing in Canada Plan,
set to deliver key projects like transit,
energy, and healthcare.
National Awards for Innovation and
Excellence in P3s
A highlight of each year are the
National Awards for Innovation and
Excellence in P3s. This year, five infra-
structure projects, located in Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Ontario, were
selected for breaking new ground
in how P3s are built, financed, and
delivered services, as well as their
impact in boosting the economy, cost
saving, and creating more vibrant,
inclusive communities.
(Infrastructure Award)
As one of Canada’s fastest grow-
ing communities, Milton needed to
improve and expand its hospital —
and fast. Opened in October 2017,
the 455,000-sq. foot facility means
residents of all ages and abilities can
stay close to home and access a wide
range of health-care services.
In what could be a case-study in
design-build acumen, the project has
received as many accolades from the
North American health care industry
as it has from the Milton community
itself for being completed on time,
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