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Q: What were some of the overriding attributes          breaks, balance, etc.  Also, most companies we

        shared by this year’s winners?                          spoke with clearly had prioritized the health and

        Peter: A few things really jumped out at us.  First—    safety of their people as their number one priority.
        so many of the companies lead with purpose

        this year—defining their reason for being in            Q: How many companies were nominated and how
        business way beyond the bottom line and making          many winners are there this year?

        employee health (physical and mental) their first       Peter: We had hundreds of applications and

        priority, helping customers survive the pandemic,       interested companies and 37 new companies were
        and finding meaning beyond profit to drive their        selected to join the network of over 486 companies

        thinking going forward.  Additionally, there was a      in Canada.
        steep change in the amount of time energy and

        investment they put into digitally transforming all     Q: How does the title of Canada’s Best Managed

        aspects of the business.                                company impact the companies that are chosen
                                                                going forward?

        Q: The importance of solid leadership was

        highlighted this year. Can you speak on how the                 “Our process evaluates the
        nominees adjusted to the threat of Covid 19, and            companies against four program

        whether that was a major consideration this year?              pillars—Strategy, Capability

        Kari: Most definitely!  The degree of innovation               and Innovation, Culture and
        made us proud of the Canadian business                      Commitment, and Financials and

        community this year.  The Covid pivot became                   Governance.”  Kari Lockhart
        a “thing” supported by creative ways to do work

        safely, creative new avenues to explore new

        business motivated by a genuine concern for             Kari: Once a company wins the first time they can
        helping customers and communities survive and           requalify if they continue to meet our rigorous

        then thrive.                                            standards.  Our process evaluates the companies
                                                                against four program pillars—Strategy, Capability

        Q: Please speak on the importance of health and         and Innovation, Culture and Commitment, and

        well-being in your companies’ organizations.            Financials and Governance.  Underneath these
        Kari: For the first time in my long career, I           areas we have gathered a perspective on global best

        saw mental health at the forefront of a lot of          practice in each of these categories and applicants

        conversations.  This will last long beyond the          must demonstrate they operate at this level.
        pandemic.  It quickly became ok to talk about

        stress levels, the importance of physical and mental              

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