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usiness Elite Canada spoke with Peter Brown and

                                                                 Kari Lockhart, Co-Leaders of Deoitte’s Canada’s
                                                        BBest Managed Companies, recognizing excellence

                                                        in private Canadian-owned companies since 1993. Each

                                                        year, hundreds of entrepreneurial companies undergo a
                                                        rigorous application process, but only the best are awarded

                                                        with this prestigious designation.

                                                        Q: Please give a brief background on the impetus to start this

                                                        Peter: We have run this program for almost three decades.

                                                        The original impetus was to shine a light on great private

                                                        companies across Canada and to celebrate their success.
                                                        Since that time, we have refined the purpose of the program

                                                        to build a better tomorrow for all by celebrating Canada’s

                                                        Best Managed private companies, studying them, and
                                                        sharing best practices broadly to make all businesses better.

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