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        A GREAT THING                                           “In Canada, we produce raw resources (in this case,

                                                                propane), then we normally ship them down to the

                                                                US. They turn it into polypropylene, and then we
        Canada is in an advantageous position to create
                                                                buy back for 4 to 5 times the initial value. So, we
        polypropylene. Propane—the ingredient needed for
                                                                are breaking that model with this, because we are
        polypropylene—is abundant in Canada and cheaper
                                                                making it here as opposed to shipping an awful
        than in the US, and Alberta is much less prone to
                                                                lot of products around. A great thing to do here in
        dramatic weather shutdowns due to hurricanes or
        this winter’s big Texas snow storm than the nearest

        alternative - the US Gulf Coast.
                                                                Polypropylene comes in three types—impact

                                                                copolymer, random copolymer, and homopolymer.
        “In Canada we don’t produce polypropylene at
                                                                Chappell explains that the HPC will be producing
        all,” says Chappell. “We import about 500 to 550
                                                                homopolymer initially with random copolymer to
        kilo-tonnes a year, almost all of it from the US.
                                                                follow. With the impressive sustainability focus of
        That happens to be the same amount the HPC will
                                                                HPC, polypropylene produced at the HPC will help

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