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the HPC. Roughly 45 percent of North America’s

                                                                polypropylene production is consumed in the  US

                                                                Midwest, and Canada’s competitive rail rates and
                                                                range of routes to get into the Chicago region  is a

                                                                huge advantage for the HPC. In fact, because most
                                                                of the polypropylene in the US is produced in the US

                                                                Gulf coast, it is the same or a lesser price to ship into

                                                                that region from Alberta as it is from the Gulf Coast.

                                                                “Our location is also favourable because we are not
                                                                in a region that stops productions due to hurricanes

                                                                and we are built for such extremes as colder

                                                                weather,” says Chappell.
       Photo Credit- Inter Pipeline Ltd                         The plant itself is fueled off natural gas, which is

                                                                significantly cheaper in Alberta than it is in the US,
                                                                providing an advantage to its competitors south of

                                                                the border.

                                                                because of that we get economies of scale,” adds
        How did it get there?                                   “Additionally, we are building world-scale plants and

        Inter Pipeline’s off-gas business produces propane
        and propylene—in fact, it’s the only producer of        Lastly, HPC benefits from good government

        polymer-grade propylene in Canada. “Because of          incentives. “You add all that together and we are

        that business and all the propane that we produce at    some of the lowest cost producers of polypropylene
        our Cochrane Extraction Plant, we understand both       in the world, which is where you want to be when

        the propane and the propylene markets, and saw          you are in manufacturing.”
        there was a surplus of propane and a shortage of
        propylene looming,” says Chappell. “We decided this  RELIABILITY

        makes sense, and then we discovered we actually
        have a competitive advantage in transporting our        Reliability is not just about technology and design;

        polypropylene.”                                         it’s also about people. Chappell says, “We have
                                                                been able to hire the best people in the industry.

        There is also a strong geographic impetus for           It’s a new and exciting business and some of the

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