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                                                                AUTOMOTIVE GROUPS

                                                                RMM has also established a symbiotic relationship

                                                                with high-performance automotive groups. The
                                                                corporate membership, for instance, will entail

                                                                having the opportunity to either provide some
                                                                track days or track sessions for automotive retail

                                                                customers, or using some of that time for new

                                                                product introductions. “It’s a tremendous sales tool
                                                                for our corporate members,” says Young, “to offer

                                                                customers an opportunity to see what their latest
                                                                high-performance model can do.”

                                                                Illustrative of the caliber of RRM, Ferrari Maserati
                                                                of Alberta—the official Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa

                                                                Romeo dealer in Alberta—recently became RMM’s

                                                                latest corporate member. Through this RMM

        to improve their skills. Performance driving schools
        are also offered to the general public, with future

        plans including providing emergency handling

        training programs for the public.

        For the dedicated enthusiast, a membership offers

        premium access to the track. From the frequent
        track visitor to the performance driving specialist,

        RMM provides limited membership opportunities

        that will allow for exclusive access and privileges.

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