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n the spring of 2019, Business Elite Canada          Two years—and one pandemic—later, we followed

           profiled BC Hydro’s massive dam and                  up with on the project’s progress with David

       Ihydroelectric generating stating project known as       Conway, Community Relations Manager, Site C
        Site C.                                                 Clean Energy Project

        Started in July 2015, Site C will be on-line by         Q: Since 2019, there has been a great deal of
        2024, and will deliver British Columbia with 1,100      progress. First things first, how did the Covid

        megawatts of dependable capacity and generate           Pandemic impact construction, and how did you
        about 5,100 gigawatt hours of energy each year.         overcome these challenges?

        That is an additional eight percent capacity—           A: COVID-19 has had significant impacts on the Site

        enough to power the equivalent of 450,000 homes.        C project. BC Hydro’s top priority is the safety of its

      16  AUG  2021  |  BUSINESS ELITE CANADA
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