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The team behind Rocky Mountain Motorsports              Even with all of these positive market indicators,

        (RMM) identified the need for a facility for owners     Young says they knew that a more diversified

        of high-performance cars and motorcycles to be          revenue model was desirable to enhance the
        able to enjoy their vehicles and the sport of driving   viability of the overall development. Hence, they

        at speed in a challenging yet safe environment in       sought to acquire a larger parcel of land to provide
        Western Canada.                                         complimentary development of a commercial

                                                                park and track-side car condos. The track-side car

        Having identified the opportunity, the RMM              condos will be unique in Canada.
        team evaluated the market at both a potential

        membership level and the market for track rental        “Our customer base is broad,” says Young. First

        opportunities.  “We found that the market for both      and foremost, we are providing a safe venue for
        was solid,” says Dominic Young, President and           motorsports enthusiasts to participate in a sport

        CEO. “Calgary has a high proportion of performance      that they enjoy—whether it is on four wheels or two.

        cars compared to most other major cosmopolitan          The level of experience within the member group
        markets, and also has a generous number of car          that has already signed up is diverse, ranging from

        clubs that had historically rented tracks for club      the novice to the experienced racer that may have
        track days.  In addition, Calgary has the second        participated in formal North America racing series.

        largest number of head offices of major cities          Whatever the level of experience the RMM track

        in Canada, providing a healthy corporate rental         will offer a challenge—that is one of the things we
        market.”                                                wanted the design to provide.”

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