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RAM’s Orange Shirt Day

        Encepta is well-known as a technologically
        advanced and enabled professional services firm

        delivering outside plant field services, design,
        inspection, and construction management, as well

        as big-data analytics and AI-powered models for the

        telecommunication sector.

        The second acquisition, Horizon Engineering
        Inc, is an engineering consultancy providing a

        full range of geotechnical engineering services

        including geotechnical assessments comprising
        subsurface investigation, laboratory testing and

        engineering analyses followed by design, report and

        specification preparation, and field reviews during

        “Horizon will allow us to enter early in an                                                   Sharon Choi, Marketing &
                                                                                                      Proposal Specialist
        infrastructure project lifecycle by offering

        geotechnical design including shoring, piles,
        retaining walls and slope analysis as well as

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