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a foundational aspect of our business,” says

                                                                Choi. Our core values of integrity, innovation,

                                                                and sustainability guide our employees on
                                                                how to develop and maintain effective working

                                                                relationships with Indigenous communities in

                                                                territories we work in and are attested by several
                                                                meaningful Indigenous partnerships.

                                                                NAVIGATING COVID-19

                                                                RAM took steps in mid-March 2020 to keep its
                                                                team and clients safe. Hygiene standards for office

                                                                and site locations have always been of top priority,
                                                                however as the situation progresses, RAM took

                                                                extra measure to ensure the entire organization

                                                                helped to stop the spread of this virus by developing
                                                                a COVID-19 Toolkit, which includes a risk mitigation

                                                                plan and a business continuity plan for execution

                                                                                                  Team building for RAM

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