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Ziad Boustany (Principal) & Joe Di Placito (Principal)

        360° scope, accurately evaluating contracts and         “Our people. We continue to hire staff that embody
        assessing risks. “Our team acts as an extension         our values in sustainability, safety, integrity, fun

        of our client’s team, from representing Client          and innovation. Most importantly, they also align

        organization at meetings to acting as the main          with our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We
        point of contact for your project,” says Choi. “We      really hone in on the importance of helping our staff

        have added value to our current and past clients        develop skills through mentorship programs and
        by evaluating their internal tools and templates        continued education training programs.”

        upon on-boarding to the organization to see where

        potential improvements and/or efficiencies can be       “As a local firm, many of us grew up and/or
        made.                                                   lived here long term so we really care about our

                                                                community,” says Choi. RAM has always focused
        TEAMWORK                                                on Indigenous Engagement and consultation

                                                                on projects and has local relationships with

        Choi is quick to point out that the team is the Alpha   municipalities and stakeholders (e.g., BCHydro,
        and Omega of RAM’s success. When asked to what          FortisBC, Telus, etc.). “RAM has made partnering

        she credits RAM’s consulting success, Choi says         with and working alongside Indigenous groups

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