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Data Analytics resources and collaboration with the     By utilizing technology, Soogadin, its headquarters

         Information Technology Department ensure that           situated in Nisku, can collaborate with the Brock
         this information is consistently accessible.”           Group in Houston USA and the site teams across

                                                                 Canada while drawing on value resources in Eastern
         “We also support continuous advancement in the          Europe for estimating data entry. This collaboration

         application of technologies toward data collection,     maximizes the quality and availability of data while

         data analysis, data predictability and machine          optimizing the cost of services.
         learning. For instance, data collection, processing

         and communication has evolved in Soogadin’s             For more information, please visit

         operations, from pen-and- paper activities to mobile
         apps and global outsourcing of clerical and non-

         core business activities, ensuring opportunity and

         consistency of information.”

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