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biggest growth customer of the year, CNRL, at both

                                                                their Horizon and Albian sites.

                                                                As of Q4 2021, Soogadin has 375 active employees

                                                                across its projects, with 15 million pounds of
                                                                scaffolding spread across the sites. The teams erect

                                                                and dismantle between 20,000 and 30,000 pieces

                                                                daily and have just under 5,000 scaffolds tagged
                                                                and ready for use. In addition, this year, the teams

                                                                have installed over 550 m2 of fireproofing material
                                                                and have insulated over 20km of piping.

                                                                “Our goal is to build a strong and healthy
                                                                community in Fort McKay,” says Smits. “First

                                                                Nation-owned Business Revenues account for 52

                                                                per cent of total revenues for the Nation and provide
                                                                the necessary resources needed for programs,

                                                                healthcare, education, and infrastructure

        Brock has operated in the Fort McMurray region

        going back decades, with a steady workforce
        fluctuating between two hundred and eight hundred.

        “A few weeks after the formation of Soogadin in
                                                                  Celebrating 30 Years of Developing
        2019, we kicked off a turnaround event with our first
                                                                          Custom Removable Insulation
        customer Cenovus (Formerly Husky) Sunrise, as                Solutions for Extreme Conditions

        well as a fireproofing project at Suncor Base Plant,”

        says Smits.

        Soogadin really took off in early 2020, with the

        awards of Kearl Lake Maintenance, Suncor Firebag
        Maintenance and Suncor Fort Hills Maintenance,

        bringing its average daily employment from fifty
        to two hundred. In 2021, Soogadin broke in with

        various projects and turnaround activity with its

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