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        Soogadin’s services are based on innovative,            INSULATION
        process-driven management programs that                 Soogadin’s industrial insulation expertise helps

        collectively maximize the effectiveness of bundled      facilities operate at maximum efficiency while

        services, as well as benchmarking capabilities that     reducing risks and costly repairs. Our capabilities
        analyze performance across multiple sites, driving      include installation in support of large-scale capital

        continuous improvement.                                 construction projects, energy efficiency studies,

                                                                maintenance, and repair.

        Soogadin’s extensive inventory and experience in        COATINGS & LININGS
        industrial scaffolding allows us to provide scaffold    As a leader in the development and management

        access for maintenance, capital, and turnaround         of industrial coatings solutions, Brock/Soogadin

        projects, including engineered scaffolds and            combines technical expertise with practical skills,
        scaffolds for shoring purposes, for all sizes of        providing high quality surface preparation and

        projects.                                               coatings for structural steel, vessels and tanks,

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