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JUNE 2017
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KneePro kneepad, which is rated by many
as the number one protective kneepad in
the world.
And when the right acquisition isn’t avail-
able, as was the case when looking for
lighting products, SureWerx developed a
portfolio in-house.
“Driving accelerated growth and rounding
out portfolios to ensure our distribution
partners have a complete, single-source
solution of tool and equipment and safety
products so their customers can be safe
and productive in their daily functions has
been a successful strategy for us, and one
we will continue to build on,” says Baby.
“With each acquisition, we gain engineer-
ing expertise and talented people who
come with the organization,” he contin-
ues. “This gives us a stronger base to
round out and drive our portfolio globally.
Even though we are very deep in core tool
and equipment and core safety catego-
ries, there are always adjacent products
and access to new markets that we seek
out to design and drive innovation.” Mov-
ing forward, SureWerx is focused on add-
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