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business elite canada
JAN/FEB 2015
members of the Alberta New Homes Warranty
Program and remains a passionate advocate of
new homebuyer rights and protection.
As a long-time member of the construction
industry, the company has seen the evolution
of the Edmonton and Calgary home markets.
Despite the fluctuations experienced over the
years, Western Canada’s economy is a strong
one and continues to support a housing mar-
ket that remains one of the most prolific in
Canada, outperforming most major centres,
Hudson explained.
“Alberta is a very attractive place to live,” he
Our brand position is kind of
encapsulated with the tagline
‘homebuyer’s best friend’. That
wasn’t developed superficially;
we really did take a very hard
look at ourselves and also what
customers were looking for and
expressed our brand communi-
cations on those truths.
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