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JAN/FEB 2015
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“When we win any customer satisfaction
award, be it the J.D. Power award or whether
it’s a customer satisfaction award through the
local newspaper, to us that’s more meaningful
because it says we’re doing the right thing and
we’re doing what we said we would do for our
customers,” said Sam Hudson, Marketing Di-
rector for Morrison Homes.
SINCE 1961
That commitment to customer satisfaction
goes back decades to the company’s found-
ing in 1961 by Frank Morrison. A cabinetmaker
and carpenter by trade, Morrison launched the
business from his home with his wife, Irene,
and built a reputation based on honesty, expert
craftsmanship and a personal touch. Frank’s
son, Al, took over the family business in 1983
and continued the company’s growth, seeing it
transition from a few homes built annually to
several hundred constructed throughout com-
munities in both cities.
Today, Morrison Homes prides itself on offering
“more” to its customers, ranging from home
design and floor plan options to open commu-
nication throughout the building process and
a strong commitment to post-sale service. In
fact, the homebuilder is one of the founding
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