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going forward like Toronto to have more high-
rises and more condominium buildings here,”
said Santoriello.
The company has literally reached new
heights in Montreal recently, which is a great
sign of things to come after three decades in
business. Two years ago Santco constructed
the highest residential building in Montreal,
aptly called Altitude— a 40-storey building.
“This was amilestone project for us. It is a great
achievement,” said Santoriello. This project was
completed for a long-time client of 25 years. He
notes that Santco has many clients that have
worked with them for 10 or more years.
“We are very near our customers and impli-
cated in just before they start the plans and
they invite us to ask us how they can reduce
the cost of the structure with our experience,”
said Santoriello.
Santco is outdoing itself once again this year.
It is following the landmark Altitude residential
building with a second larger residential build-
ing called, Icon—a larger, 50-storey building
currently under construction. Among its other
projects in the city are a number of aquatic care
pools, gymnasiums, pumping stations, renova-
tions and constructions to McGill University,
the expansion of Polytechnique Montreal and
College Marie de France, the Jean de Brebeuf
sports centre, the St. Hubert Airport Control
Tower, Lapiniére in Laval, various canal and lock
systems, highway bridge crossways, and many
more already accomplished. Santco holds it-
self to the highest standards of innovation and
conforms to a system of quality management
based on the International Standards Organiza-
tion (ISO) 9001 version that governs its quality
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