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By Leah Kellar
Santco Formwork is first and foremost a
family business with a reputation of construc-
tion excellence in the commercial, industrial
and civil sectors. Since 2001, six Santoriello
brothers— the sons of company founder An-
tonio Santoriello who established Santco in
1982— have taken the reins to ensure total
customer satisfaction, and employee safety.
In 2011, Santco was a finalist in price INNO-
VATION CSST for the development of a revo-
lutionary anchoring system that improves
safety on the jobsite. The anchoring system
ensures the safety of the employee or sub-
contractor formworker, who is the first to be
present on a site and builds the base and the
structure of a building. Anchor points from
which he is attached to the building during
construction are often nonexistent or unsafe,
but Santco’s revolutionary anchorage system
fixes this problem by allowing employees to
attach to a secure point in any position on
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