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an earned prestige and pride attached to that
name for the brothers and their long-time cus-
tomers, according to Santoriello. His brother
Marco holds the position of General manager
and development while the other four broth-
ers are more integral to the hands-on oversight
of projects. They also assure other specifics
tasks as land surveyor, tower crane manage-
ment, R&D, transport logistic and much more.
They each manage approximately three to four
projects each season. This allows at least one
brother to be present on each job site that they
are managing for about two to three hours per
“There’s always one family member at every
single project. That gives us a very important
relationship with the customer; that means if
there is an issue we don’t have to pass it by
many people before we can find a solution.
We can do something right there on the spot,”
said Santoriello.
The brothers have cooperated in partnership
for over 30 years to deliver value to the cus-
tomer in terms of quality construction projects
from start to finish. Not too many siblings can
come together in this way, but the Santoriello
brothers have managed to do it and thrive with
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