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control system on the four pillars of customer
satisfaction, product quality, productivity, and
“We’re one of the few companies in Quebec
that use ISO 9001. This guarantees our custom-
ers a high standard of quality. We have really
set ourselves apart from the competition here
with our ability to meet very tight schedules
and still deliver top quality work,” said Santo-
riello. “We’ll meet your budget delivering top
quality on time, every time.”
Santoriello is aware of the challenge faced by
many in the construction industry of a skilled
labour shortage these days. Unfortunately
Santco is no different. While he knows that the
new generation of young labourers is different
than the baby boomers going out the door, he
is confident that the new generation will be in-
creasingly attracted to the trades as the econ-
omy turns around.
One of the tactics Santco uses in its hiring
process to attract more young skilled labour-
ers is to give them plenty of information about
the industry and the company while they are
still earning their certificates and degrees in
the trades schools. A prospective employee
will attend two informational sessions with the
company and follow a few courses when hired
to become accustomed to the equipment and
the Santco family way of completing projects
efficiently, on time and on budget. All prospec-
tive employees in the construction industry are
also obliged to go through the Commission of
the Construction of Quebec (CCQ) to obtain
a competency card that verifies their skills to
work in a trades sector such as carpenters,
crane operator and others.
While standards are critical to uphold qual-
ity, the commitment and cooperation of all the
brothers in the Santoriello family are the key
to its successful 32 years in business, and Lino
Santoriello is sure it will continue into the next
“I’m 50 years old, and the youngest brother
is only 34, so you can bet we’re here to stay!”
said Santoriello.
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