BEC / September / 2016 - page 9

ration’s oil production has peaked at more
than 3,500 barrels of oil per day. Though
declining oil prices have dropped produc-
tion down to about 1,000 barrels daily,
Dion expects to triple those numbers “in
the next year or so”.
FLERC maintains a non-operating role
within each project, sharing in profits that
benefit the people of Frog Lake First Nation
by helping to build houses and improve the
standard of living within the community.
The corporation also helps to provide jobs
to members of the reserve.
“It’s been a real boon for the nation as far
as jobs,” Dion said. “We’ve had layoffs like
everyone else but the folks are resilient
and we haven’t laid off much staff from our
company because we’ve been lean; we
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