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rate 10 companies with specialties that
include maintenance, emergency medical
services, internet and computer ameni-
ties, expertise in security and commercial
franchises. Recently, the company incor-
porated Cold Lake Crane into its long line
of services, providing the oil industry with
crane and heavy haul services. Its partner-
ship with Astec Safety Inc. last year now
allows Primco Dene to add safety training
and equipment to its list of specialties.
“We’ve diversified with a lot of different
services,” said James Blackman, Primco
Dene’s president and CEO. Blackman be-
gan his career as an elected councillor at
the age of 22 for his nation. After serving
a few terms, Blackman took a step back
from politics and endeavoured towards
business. Under his leadership, Primco
Dene has now become a model for Ab-
original business.
Blackman has worked for the CLFN people
for over 20 years. The advantage of being
both an entrepreneur and a community
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