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used by the plant and sold on the provin-
cial grid.
FLERC has come a long way since its in-
ception in 2000. Launched with no assets,
production, cash flow or staff, the fledg-
ling organization found its path to success
by partnering with companies coming on
to the reserve for oil exploration. By form-
ing joint ventures, acquiring mineral leases
and other assets, and using its own inter-
nal cash flow to fund operations, FLERC
was able to develop an aggressive drilling
program that ensured the Frog Lake First
Nation had a hand in all projects carried
out on the reserve.
Part of the company’s growth can be at-
tributed to the integration of the “Teepee
Principles” into all aspects of the business,
fostering a commitment to core values
and a work/life culture that benefits em-
ployees, the community and the compa-
ny’s stakeholders. Values such as respect,
hope, humility, kinship, sharing and thank-
fulness help to balance the demands of a
highly competitive and volatile industry.
Today, FLERC maintains partnerships with
five companies on the reserve and one,
Pengrowth, located off the reserve. More
than 600 wells have been drilled, and they
continue to drill new wells using increas-
ingly advanced technology. “We get more
oil out of the ground with every well we
drill,” Dion said. Over the years, the corpo-
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