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HLFN as an example of a successful, mutually-           This investment provides the Indigenous peoples
        beneficial relationship. “The direct benefit of our     who are most impacted by these assets a direct

        efforts improves the quality of lives for our people,”   stake in and accountability for their stewardship

        says Bagga. “Participation with our partners            and providing a significant economic impact now
        promote our mission of self-reliance and supports       and for generations.

        the improvements of the well-being of our nations

        families, citizens, and overall community.”             A newly created entity, Athabasca Indigenous
                                                                Investments (Aii), will steward this investment,

        One such pioneering partnership is the Athabasca        which represents the largest energy-related
        Indigenous Investments—an historic, landmark            Indigenous economic partnership transaction in

        partnership made up of 23 diverse Indigenous            North America to date.

        communities who came together to purchase seven
        pipelines that move critical energy resources from      “We are very pleased to be joining our Indigenous

        our traditional lands to global markets.                partners in this landmark collaboration,” said Al

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