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Monaco, President and Chief Executive Officer of        and employment thus enabling our  members
        Enbridge. “We believe this partnership exemplifies      to expand and participate in our offered services

        how Enbridge and Indigenous communities                 and to work with some of the best industrial
        can work together, not only in stewarding the           projects in the region,” says Tony Bagga, business

        environment, but also in owning and operating           development director of Heart Lake First Nation.

        critical energy infrastructure.”                        “The joint venture we possess are invaluable to the
                                                                success of our community.”

        “We work alongside firms that demonstrate

        promotion and inclusion of indigenous businesses        The impact these partnerships have had on the
        and partnerships,” says Bagga.  “HLFN is also           Heart Lake community—492 members, with 242

        engaged and participating on large scale equity         living on reserve—has been tremendous.

        ownership projects.  Look to us when thinking
        of meaningful participation as we are open to all       The revenues generated go to supporting the

        conversations on equity.”                               Nations initiatives of promotion and retention
                                                                of culture, recreation, education, programming,

        “People from our community are getting training         infrastructure and countless capital projects.

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