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Water Quality Monitoring activities at Giant Mine Site
                                       (Photo Credit - Angela Gzowski)

        citizens with concerns about the health and safety

        of their families and communities. Meaningful

        public involvement fosters trust and support for
        decisions. It also helps improve decision-making by

        incorporating local advice and knowledge into plans

        and designs.

        “Engagement is an important and valued part of
        the Giant Mine remediation process,” says Plato.

        “There are six  signatories on this project (being

        Yellowknives Dene First Nation, North Slave Métis
        Alliance, Government of Northwest Territories,

        City of Yellowknife, and Alternatives North). We
        have been working very closely with our business

        partners during the entirety of the project. We have

        also committed to provide funding for three full-

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