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Bridge over Baker Creek
  (Photo Credit - Pat Kane Photography)

        continued at the site which would be captained          safe and viable remediation plan, and then seven

        by an experienced operator. Miramar Giant Mine          more to for the Governments to complete the

        Ltd. ended its obligations under the Reclamation        26 measures as outlined in the Environmental
        Security Agreement in 2005. At that time, Giant         Assessment before remediation could commence

        Mine officially became an abandoned mine site.          in 2021. The project is scheduled to be completed by

        Today, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada—

        now known as Crown-Indigenous Relations and             “We are happy to have started the remediation
        Northern Affairs Canada—are the stewards of the         process in this 2021 fiscal year,” says Natalie Plato,

        site and are taking control of the contamination on     Deputy Director at Giant Mine Remediation Project.

        the site, righting decades of industrial wrongs.        Remediation of Giant will increase exponentially in
                                                                the upcoming months and year, eventually creating
        A NEW BEGINNING                                         hundreds of jobs in the city.

        It is a lengthy timeline to tackle a project of this    Managing a contaminated site goes beyond

        magnitude. It took about seven years to develop a       removing harmful substances. It often involves

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