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EDITOR’S LETTER In this issue of Business Elite Canada, we are proud to bring you an exclusive insight into the exciting new player in the world of Medical Aesthetics. Our cover story explores Dermpure’s commitment to excellence, from pioneering treatments to redefining how beauty marketing. The company, formed through a strategic merger with Functionalab Group and FYi Medical Aesthetics, is setting new standards in the industry by prioritizing patient well-being and natural results. As we navigate the evolving landscape of Canadian business, Dermpure’s success story is one of many of the resilient and enterprising companies that that characterizes our nation’s business landscape. As always, we bring you features that spotlight companies from coast to coast to coast that are shaping the future of the housing market, construction, and infrastructure—with a special feature on the West Memorial Building in Ottawa, and Montreal’s REM transportation system. Happy Holidays, The BEC Team 3 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

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Dermapure, a leading name in the field of medical aesthetics, is making waves across Canada with its holistic and patient-centric approach to aesthetic services. The company, formed through a strategic merger with Functionalab Group and FYi Medical Aesthetics, is setting new standards in the industry by prioritizing patient well-being and natural results. Dermapure’s mission, according to Marilyne Gagné, President & Founder, is to nurture self-confidence and provide a responsible, holistic approach to aesthetic services. “Our mission is deeply rooted in the responsible delivery of natural results, all while championing and nurturing self-confidence,” says Gagné. “What truly sets us apart is our holistic, patient-centric approach, which places the individual at the heart of every service we offer.” Marilyne Gagné, President & Founder 7 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


The company’s unique positioning in the market is evident in its extensive network of premium aesthetic services that stretches across Canada. They are deeply committed, says Gagné, to forming partnerships with reputable physician-led clinics, making them a trusted and industry-leading provider in the aesthetics field. Dermapure’s comprehensive range of premium anti-aging services places a primary focus on rejuvenating facial skin and providing non-surgical body contouring solutions, with services designed to address a wide spectrum of concerns, including improving skin complexion, enhancing skin texture, addressing skin laxity, and restoring lost volume. Cutting-edge technologies like injectables, lasers, radio frequencies, ultrasounds, and more, help patients achieve healthier and more refreshed skin, and each service is tailored to meet the diverse needs of their patients, offering solutions that cater to a wide range of skin concerns. THE MERGER THAT DEFINED DERMAPURE The decision to bring together Dermapure and FYi Medical Aesthetics under a unified umbrella was a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. At 9 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA Functionalab Group Leadership Team

the time of the merger, both companies were of similar size and shared a vision of consolidating the Canadian market. “The decision to bring together companies under Dermapure’s umbrella resulted from impeccable timing and a shared vision,” says Gagné. FYi had a strong presence in the West, while Dermapure focused on the East. “The merger was not just about growth but also about creating a stronger, more cohesive entity,” says Gagné. “Our goal in merging was to provide a higher level of care in our industry that would benefit everyone involved. Working with Functionalab Group Co-CEOs Francis Maheu and Jason McWhirter, we are focused on common objectives that support our new company’s rapid growth strategy.” BUILDING AND RETAINING CLIENTELE Dermapure’s success in a competitive industry lies in its empathetic and patient-centric approach. Gagné emphasizes that active listening and 12 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

understanding their patients’ unique needs as a key to their success. “We understand that discussing aesthetic concerns can be challenging for patients, so we prioritize active listening and understanding our patients’ needs,” says Gagné. “Our collaboration with each client is the cornerstone of our approach.” The commitment to patients extends beyond the clinic, as they provide at-home skincare protocols to enhance the efficacy of in-clinic treatments. By empowering patients to take control of their skincare journey, Dermapure sets itself apart in the industry. Currently, Dermapure operates over 70 clinics across Canada with 100 doctor partners, with the goal of reaching approximately 100 clinics within Canada. Simultaneously, they are exploring opportunities beyond Canada’s borders, seeking to make their mark on the international stage. Dermapure’s commitment to wellness goes beyond just offering treatments and products. They follow a “Gym for Your Skin” philosophy, emphasizing a holistic approach to skincare. This philosophy encourages patients to actively participate in their skin health. “Just as people commit to physical 13 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


fitness and healthy eating, Dermapure believes that skincare should be an essential part of one’s wellness journey,” says Gagné. “Our focus is to empower patients to take ownership of their skin’s well-being through education and best practices.” EMPOWERING POSITIVE AGING In the aesthetics industry, there has been a historical focus on targeting young individuals and promoting unrealistic beauty standards. However, Dermapure takes a different approach. Not marketing to youth, for instance, and instead focusing on promoting self-confidence and self-love by providing naturally beautiful results. “We aim to address these fundamental needs and help patients leave our clinics feeling more confident than when they came in,” says Gagné. “We take our responsibility as a market leader seriously and strive to lead the industry in the right direction.” For more information, please visit 15 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Montreal, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, is now on the cusp of a transportation revolution with the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM). This groundbreaking project is set to redefine how residents and visitors traverse the metropolis. With an extensive network spanning 67 kilometers, the REM is poised to become the longest automated metro system in the world. The REM is an ambitious initiative that aims to connect various regions of Greater Montreal, including the North Shore, South Shore, West Island, and the airport. It comprises 26 universally accessible stations, making it an inclusive and convenient transportation solution for all. By operating 20 hours a day, seven days a week, the REM will accommodate over 170,000 passengers daily. Presently, the South Shore branch, spanning five stations, already serves 30,000 commuters. Beyond the transportation benefits, the REM has created over 1,000 permanent jobs and has stimulated economic and real estate development along the network. During its construction phase, the project contributed $3.7 billion to the GDP and generated 34,000 jobs, further underscoring its economic significance. Photo Credit – Jean-François Savaria 17 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

HISTORIC MILESTONES The REM stands as Quebec’s first fully automated metro line, setting a new standard for modern transportation systems. The two years leading up to the REM’s South Shore branch opening were filled with crucial preparations. Major infrastructure work, testing of cars and systems, and the electrification of the branch were among the milestones achieved. The final phase involved simulating future services, ensuring that the REM was ready to deliver a reliable and efficient commuting experience. Completion of the 16.6 km South Shore branch, the successful crossing of the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge, and intensive testing during three consecutive winters were integral steps in this process. The REM’s journey to its official launch was a monumental feat. The inaugural segment opened July 31, connecting Brossard station on the South Shore to Gare Centrale Station in downtown Montreal. The event was not just historic; it was also an emotional moment for the dedicated teams who had invested years of hard work into the project. The inaugural ceremony marked the beginning of a festive weekend during which 120,000 riders explored the new network, signaling the overwhelming response and success of the initiative. Photo Credit - Eric Carrière 18 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Aecon is proud of its role in completing the first 16.6 km South Shore antenna of the Réseau express métropolitain – the first automated light metro in Quebec connecting the South Shore to Montreal Central Station. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to deliver the remaining segments of the REM to provide sustainable, safe and reliable urban transit for Greater Montreal. Building a Sustainable Future 19 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Photo Credit - Eric Carrière Photo Credit – Jean-François Savaria 20 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

The inauguration of the REM saw a notable gathering of dignitaries, with the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, François Legault, Premier of Québec, and Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal, among those in attendance. Dignitaries and members of the public joined in the first official trip, traveling along the 16.6-km route that connects downtown Montreal to Brossard in a mere 18 minutes. “The REM will transform the way people get around the Greater Montréal area,” says Prime Minister Trudeau at the occasion. “It is the largest public transportation project undertaken in Québec in the last 50 years, and will ensure that Montrealers and all Canadians benefit from a transportation service to Montréal-Trudeau International Airport that is both efficient and clean. We are a major partner in this major project.” SHAPING MONTREAL’S FUTURE The REM’s impact on Montreal’s future is profound. Once fully completed, the REM will nearly double the existing metro network, expanding it from 71 km to 138 km. This expansion will significantly enhance transport within the metropolitan area, providing faster, more efficient travel options. The West Island 21 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


and Airport branch will offer swift and direct service to the airport, bypassing traffic, while the South Shore branch, which opened in July, now connects the South Shore to Montreal in just 18 minutes. The REM’s fully automated and driverless system positions it as a beacon for the future of transportation in Canadian cities. The advanced technology employed, known as the GoA4 system, boasts the highest reliability rates worldwide. This means that the REM’s passengers can enjoy a safe and efficient commuting experience, thanks to 24/7 monitoring and control from a central control center. The REM has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The project follows a “avoid, minimize, compensate” approach to environmental impacts. This includes adjustments to the route, efforts to minimize consequences, and concrete measures to compensate for environmental impacts. The REM aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging public transportation usage and aims to cut emissions by 2.5 million tons over its 25 years of operation. A partnership with Jour de la Terre will see 250,000 trees planted to offset emissions generated during construction. Montreal citizens are now offered an efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly mode of commuting that will positively impact the city and the entire province of Quebec. For those involved in the REM, being part of this legacy infrastructure project is a source of pride and accomplishment. The REM team is dedicated to transforming the way citizens move around Greater Montreal for decades to come, with a relentless focus on offering a fast and reliable transportation network that provides an exceptional user experience. For more information, please visit 23 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Situated in the heart of Nunavik, the Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre was built as a home for resilience, healing, and hope. Founded in 1995 with the support of Makivvik and Johnny Adams, the mayor of the northern village of Kuujjuaq, this remarkable institution has evolved over the years to become a lifeline for the Inuit community. The journey of Isuarsivik began with a recognition of the need for a dedicated recovery centre in Nunavik. The centre is one of the only inpatient recovery facilities in the region, catering exclusively to James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) beneficiaries, which includes the Inuit of Nunavik and their loved ones. 25 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Initially established in 1995 as a response to the escalating needs for culturally sensitive programs offered in Inuktitut and English, Isuarsivik began its journey in a modest facility built in 1942. This initial facility had just three bedrooms and a capacity of nine guests at a time. As the needs of the region continued to grow, so did the aspirations of Isuarsivik. In 2016, the Board of Directors adopted a Development Plan, which envisioned the construction of a new facility, one that could not only increase the capacity to welcome more guests but also offer new in-house programs and services, with a particular focus on supporting families and pregnant women. Simultaneously, the centre expanded its continued care services to provide community-based support across the region. The year 2022 marked another significant milestone when Isuarsivik embarked on an ambitious recruitment campaign, titled 'Ilaugitsi.' This successful campaign garnered over 200 candidates, filling 27 vacant positions required to offer the 27 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

new services in the expanded facility. In January 2023, Isuarsivik finally moved into its new building, accompanied by the acquisition of two additional fourplexes for staff. NUNAVIK Nunavik, one of Canada's four Inuit regions located in the northernmost part of Quebec, is home to 14 communities, with a combined population of 14,045 inhabitants as of the 2021 census. Isuarsivik's mission is clear: to deliver holistic and culturally sensitive healing programs for Nunavimmiut, enhancing their inner strength and overall wellbeing. “Isuarsivik is hopeful to contribute to reducing stigma associated with addictions and the harm associated with substance use,” says David Forrest, President of the Board of Directors. “By being more visible and present at the local and regional level, Isuarsivik wishes to encourage more individuals to seek help and support without fear of judgment.” The centre serves all JBNQA beneficiaries and their loved ones, regardless of where they reside within Nunavik. While Isuarsivik's base is in Kuujjuaq, those interested in in-house services must travel there. However, the centre also maintains Continued Care Counsellors in other communities such as Kangirsuk and Puvirnituq. These community-based 28 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

counselors provide pre-care and post-care services to individuals seeking support associated with substance use. A BRIGHTER FUTURE Isuarsivik's overarching mission revolves around delivering two main categories of services: In-house Services and Continued Care Services. The centrepiece of their in-house offerings is the 8-Week Collective Recovery Program. This program focuses on trauma recovery with a perspective of harm reduction, trauma-informed care, and cultural safety, and is open to individuals, families, and pregnant individuals. Importantly, this program incorporates healing on the land, connecting guests with the natural environment through activities like hunting, fishing, and berry picking, all while fostering a deep connection with Inuit culture and identity. Continued Care Services encompass pre-care and aftercare services, as well as detention and community support services, creating a comprehensive support network for those on their healing journey. Since the opening of its new facility in early 2023, Isuarsivik has been met with enthusiasm and hope from the community. “The centre welcomed its first guests in April 2023, including several youths participating in the new 8-Week Collective Healing Program,” says Forrest. “This program provides a unique recovery experience tailored exclusively for Inuit of Nunavik, addressing both past traumas and substance use behaviors.” 29 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


However, the success of the program has led to a substantial waiting list. As of now, 273 individuals await admission to the adult recovery program, with an additional 100 adults and their dependents seeking services through the family application process. Isuarsivik has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years—growing from 15 employees five years ago to nearly 80 dedicated employees, including both full-time and part-time staff. “The centre's capacity has also expanded substantially,” says Etua Snowball, Executive Director. “It can now accommodate up to 22 adult guests or 32 guests when considering adults and children, making a substantial impact on the community's ability to access vital services.” Isuarsivik believes that its new centre will have a profound impact on the community. With the ability to serve three times as many individuals seeking recovery compared to the old centre, the organization aims to provide critical support to meet the growing needs within Nunavik. The centre's strong cultural component, including facilities like a sewing room, art room, and community areas, is designed to help guests feel more comfortable, connected to their identity, and engaged in their recovery journey. “Culture is a powerful tool for grounding, belonging and purpose, and is a major protective factor against adversity 31 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

and risk-taking,” says Snowball. “At Isuarsivik, our programs and services offer experiential interventions based on Inuit culture and we strive for cultural safety.” CELEBRATING A MILESTONE September 20, 2023, marks a significant milestone for Isuarsivik and the entire community. On this day, the centre hosts a powerful ceremony to inaugurate its new facility, welcoming funders, partners, regional organizations, collaborators, and the media to celebrate this achievement. The Grand Opening is not just a day of celebration but a testament to community mobilization for recovery. The journey to this grand opening has spanned over 18 years, marked by collaboration, consultations with Nunavimmiut, and meticulous project planning. The event provided an opportunity for invitees to explore the healing spaces with stunning views of the Koksoak River, learn about the new individual and family programs, and meet the dedicated members of the Isuarsivik family. 32 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

LOOKING TOWARDS THE FUTURE The centre is actively working on a Cultural Workshop adjacent to the new facility, which will host various artistic and therapeutic activities like jewelry making, printmaking, painting, and carving. As Isuarsivik approaches its 30th anniversary in 2025, it stands on solid new foundations and remains committed to trailblazing the way to support recovery in the entire Nunavik region. The centre also aims to secure long-term yearly operational funding, ensuring the delivery of highquality and sustainable services for substance use and trauma in the region. Moreover, the Pingngupaa Challenge, a one-month wellness initiative for Nunavimmiut to reflect on their relationship with alcohol and drug use, is scheduled for February 2024 and promises to be a highlight after 6 years. Isuarsivik is actively seeking sponsors to support this initiative, contributing to the well-being of Nunavimmiut and furthering the cause of recovery in the region. 33 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

In the heart of Canada’s Capital Region, the West Memorial Building stands as a symbol of Canadian service and bravery in the Second World War. A venerable structure with a rich heritage, the West Memorial Building is currently the focal point of a comprehensive rehabilitation project that aims to marry its historical significance with contemporary sustainability practices. Originally constructed in 1950s, the building has never before undergone the major repairs or renovations necessary for the safe functioning 34 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

of a federal building of its vintage. Under the care of Public Services and Procurement Canada the West Memorial Building is in the midst of a transformation that aims to preserve its historic significance while embracing modern sustainability practices, including accessibility. The rehabilitation project goes beyond restoring the West Memorial Building to its former glory, by embracing modern technologies and sustainable practices to enhance the building’s functionality while minimizing its environmental impact. This harmonious blend of the past and the present is a testament to the project’s Photo Credit - Public Services and Procurement Canada 35 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

commitment to holistic restoration. The West Memorial Building project is part of an overarching $1+ Billion program of work which includes modernizing and conserving the Supreme Court of Canada Building. Once the West Memorial Building is ready, it will host the occupants and visitors of the Supreme Court of Canada Building while that building is modernized. The rejuvenation initiative, spearheaded by a collaboration of dedicated professionals and contractors including Moriyama & Teshima Architects and Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd and EllisDon Corporation, is set to bring the West Memorial Building back to working condition. The intricate process involves not only meticulous restoration of its historic features but also the integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance its functionality and reduce its environmental footprint. Under Public Services and Procurement Canada, the West Memorial Building project takes a proactive stance toward sustainability. From construction materials to energy-efficient systems, the project team is mindful of minimizing its carbon footprint, setting a commendable standard for responsible construction practices. Photo Credit - Public Services and Procurement Canada West Memorial Building Grand Hall Rendering 36 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

According to PSPC Senior Project Director, Martin Lelievre, the work undertaken at the West Memorial Building will reduce energy consumption by 45 per cent and obtain a four Green Globes sustainability rating. With the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a government of Canada priority, PSPC will be able to reduce emissions by over 92 per cent from the combined investment at the West Memorial Building, the ongoing greening efforts on PSPC’s district energy network and the department’s procurement initiative to secure 100% clean electricity for federal operations across the Country. The economic impact of maintaining and Photo Credit - Public Services and Procurement Canada 37 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Photo Credit - Public Services and Procurement Canada Masonry work 38 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

modernizing these buildings is substantial. Beyond the direct employment opportunities generated by restoration projects, the upkeep of these landmarks attracts tourism, contributing significantly to the local economy. Visitors, both domestic and international, are drawn to the historical significance and architectural splendor of these structures. Modernization efforts often involve the incorporation of sustainable technologies, fostering innovation and creating a demand for skilled professionals in the construction and conservation sectors. As these landmarks are integral to the identity of the Canadian Capital Region, their continued preservation and enhancement play a vital role in sustaining the region’s cultural vibrancy and economic prosperity. “The project started in 2019 and the current average workforce on the project is approximately 200 workers per day with an expected peak of more than 300 workers in 2024/2025,” says Lelievre. As the West Memorial Building project unfolds, it becomes a symbol not just of architectural restoration but of resilience and progress. The fusion of historical preservation with modern innovation is poised to make the building not only a landmark but a living testament to Canada’s ability to honor its past while embracing a sustainable future. The buildings in the Canadian Capital Region stand as living embodiments of Canada’s history, culture, Photo Credit - Public Services and Procurement Canada 39 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Photo Credit - Public Services and Procurement Canada Drywall Framing West Courtyard Skylight 40 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

and democratic ideals. From the iconic Parliament Hill, where the nation’s lawmakers convene, to heritage structures like the West Memorial Building, these architectural landmarks are tangible symbols of Canadian ideals. Maintaining and modernizing these buildings not only preserves the tangible artifacts of the past but also ensures they remain functional, relevant, and equipped to meet the needs of a contemporary society. “This building is so important because it honours Canadians who served during the Second World War,” says Lelievre. “It is situated in a prime location in the city, and it is going to serve and the accommodation for the Supreme Court which is the cornerstone of Canadian justice. This project is going to make a difference for Canadians, and as such, is a project of a lifetime.” For more information, please visit Photo Credit - Public Services and Procurement Canada Copper Roofing 41 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


For over three decades, BAT Construction has been a stalwart in British Columbia’s construction industry, earning a reputation for taking on some of the most challenging geotechnical stabilization and construction projects across Canada and in Peru. Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2023, Bat Construction has evolved and diversified, becoming recognized for innovative technology and perpetually increasing safety standards. GEOTECHNICAL EXPERTISE BAT Construction’s journey began with a focus on rock scaling and rock bolting on highangle slopes in British Columbia. The company has provided a full range of Geotechnical Stabilization Services and Expertise on some of the most complex construction projects in Western Canada. Clients come to BAT for specialized services such as Horizontal Drain Hole Drilling, Shotcrete and Shoring, Rope Access Contractors for rock scaling and high angle work locations, Geohazard Remediation Solutions for rock slope stabilization, and Blasting for the removal of unstable rock, to name a few. 43 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

“Over the years, the company expanded its capabilities to encompass all facets of geotechnical stabilization,” says Dan Sims, General Manager. One pivotal milestone for the company was the development and manufacturing of proprietary Horizontal Long Hole drill rigs. “These innovative drills, designed to dewater slopes and reduce pore water pressure up to 500m into the subsurface, play a critical role in stabilizing slopes and preventing failures, particularly in open-pit mines,” says Sims. This advanced drilling technology, reaching depths of up to 500 meters into the subsurface, plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and predicting slope stability. Drilling cased and perforated holes, uncased, PVC lined, or a combination of all provides a dramatic increase in ground stability. “Our proven results and ability to meet strict production deadlines will keep your project on track,” says Sims. “All stages of groundwater reduction through the placement of free-draining, horizontal drain holes can be safely completed from casing, drilling, perforating, installing PVC, grouting, all surface pipe installations, sump construction and linings.” A COMMITMENT TO SAFETY “The safety of our employees and the public have always been of the utmost importance to BAT,” says 44 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Phone: 778-693-2740 Email: Congratulations, BAT Construction Ltd., on reaching this incredible milestone. Thriving for 35 years and counting! WMB is your go-to source for Insurance and Surety Bonds. Our dedicated team can answer any of your Personal and Commercial Insurance questions. Construction Sims, emphasizing BAT’s ability to adapt to ever changing safety and workplace regulations as a point of pride. The company’s commitment to safety was recently recognized with the Association of Geohazard Professional Safety Award. This accolade reflects Bat Construction’s dedication to developing its Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) program, aligning safety documentation and procedures with ISO standards, and maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry. “Our Health and Safety program, BCCSA COR Certification, and a company culture has allowed us to continually work with many major clients 45 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


such as Teck, CN Rail, CP Rail, Trans Mountain, Fortis, BC Hydro, Rio Tinto, DeBeers, Governments and Municipalities, and many major or general contractors,” says Sims. SHOWCASING EXPERTISE Some of BAT Construction’s recent projects spans various sectors, demonstrating their ability to tackle diverse and complex projects, including slope repair along Big White Road, access shafts for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Chase Highway 4-Laning, and key subcontracting for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. Clients choose BAT Construction because of our dedication to safety, reliability and use of innovative techniques and technologies to tackle any level of challenging project they might face. BAT Construction Ltd. is fully committed to sustainable development, responsible stewardship of the natural environment, and living up to our social responsibility. Improving our environmental performance and community relations across the company is a priority at BAT Construction Ltd. We are continuously working towards minimizing resource consumption and improving the health and safety of our employees. BAT Construction’s practises also align with their client’s environmental stewardship targets, 47 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


using environmentally friendly practices such as vegetable-based drill fluids and waste sorting and recycling. Their commitment ensures that projects are completed while minimizing their impact on the environment. CONSTRUCTION OF AVALANCHE BARRIERS In recent years, BAT Construction accomplished the installation of the most extensive snow net system in the Western Hemisphere. This groundbreaking project took place in Cougar Corner, Glacier National Park, an ecologically delicate region where the primary concern was the safety of the indigenous wildlife. The project’s objective was to deploy snow nets, a proven method for significantly mitigating avalanche risks by intercepting them at their origin points. Rows of snow nets were strategically placed in avalanche-prone areas to impede the initiation of snow slides. By incorporating snow nets in these vulnerable zones, both the slide areas and their paths experienced regrowth, enabling nature to reclaim territories that would otherwise be disrupted by annual avalanches. The implementation of the snow net system enabled Parks Canada Agency to maintain open highways and ensure uninterrupted commerce. Historically, scheduled closures and avalanche hazard mitigation, often involving ordnance Dan Sims - General Manager 49 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Some of the notable projects that BAT has successfully participated in recently include: • Slope Repair along Big White Road for MoTI/ AIM Roads • Access shafts for Trans Mountain – Expansion Project tunnel boring • Chase Highway 4-Laning – S50 Wall Shotcrete for CIF Construction • Key Subcontractor for Foundations West Construction and Peter Kiewit Sons on the Trans Mountain – Expansion Project - Spread 5B • Savona CS7 Plant Expansion for Enbridge • Shotcrete ML/ARD Mitigation for Macro Project Inc. on Trans Mountain – Expansion Project - Spread 5B • City Gardens Shoring (Kamloops) for Kelson Group • Lynx 10 Highwall Scaling for Myra Falls Mine • Over 50,000 linear meters of Horizontal Drain Holes drilled annually for various mine sites. • Cougar Corner Avalanche Protection System in Glacier National Park • Manitoba, Minnesota Transmission Line tower and guy wire anchors 50 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

detonations in the slide paths, were necessary measures undertaken by Parks. Executing this ambitious project involved installing 2000 meters of Geobrugg snow nets within a challenging six-month timeframe in an area that tested the limits of established Swiss guidelines. These guidelines, set by the Swiss Directive for Defense Structures in Avalanche Starting Zones, align with the standards of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects. The intricate topography of the slide-prone areas, coupled with high snow densities, not only marked this endeavor as the largest snow net installation in the Western Hemisphere but also positioned it as the world’s most technically demanding snow net project in terms of volume. EMBRACING INNOVATION BAT Construction stays at the forefront of technology and trends in construction. “As you can imagine, having our crews perform high-risk rock scaling, drilling, and high angle construction work for over 35 years we have seen a lot of changes to how that work is performed.” 51 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

BAT Construction consistently implement innovative approaches to minimize hazards and enhance productivity. Their network of vendors, suppliers, and partners allows them to adapt swiftly to industry changes. “Our extensive network of vendors, suppliers and partners gives us timely access to the fast-changing and ever evolving field of stabilization work,” say Sims. “We strongly and frequently encourage both our management and field teams to share new ideas that contribute to the improvement of safety and efficiency within the company.” FUTURE PLANS AND GOALS As Bat Construction marks its 35th anniversary, the company remains focused on community and innovation. Believing in giving back to the community, their staff actively participates in programs like The Salvation Army’s Adopt a Family, ensuring local families receive the Christmas they deserve. In the next five to ten years, expect BAT to continue expanding the shotcrete and shoring division, extending the geographical range of Horizontal 52 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Drain Hole drilling services, and focusing on the development of the underground mining division— strategic moves that align with their commitment to continuous growth and excellence in the construction industry. “Whether your project is services to remote sites, confined space projects, pit mines or 300-foot rock face, at BAT Construction Ltd. we have a philosophy of providing a team approach with our clients and this helps ensure we reach the successful completion of any project we are tasked with,” says Sims. From pioneering innovations in geotechnical stabilization to consistently exceeding safety standards and delivering successful projects, BAT Construction has established itself as a leader in the construction industry, working on highly specialized, complex projects in British Columbia and all other provinces and Territories. For more information, please visit 53 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Irwin’s Safety, founded in 2009, has become a leading occupational health and safety services provider with a significant presence across Canada. The company’s mission is to provide exceptional safety solutions to various industrial and commercial sectors, all while fostering community engagement and workforce development. In over 14 years, Irwin’s Safety has rapidly expanded, currently operating from over 20 offices nationwide. Their vision is clear—to provide best-in-class safety solutions to commercial and industrial markets while fostering collaboration between industries and local communities, thereby strengthening workforce capacity at a grassroots level. Irwin’s Safety serves all major industries, including oil & gas, mining, forest products, power generation, transportation, utilities and infrastructure construction. The company’s mission is to provide exceptional safety solutions to all industrial sectors, and world class companies all while fostering community engagement and workforce development. After years of experience Peter St. Martin, Director of Business Development, emphasizes a common challenge shared every sector is “the need to execute projects on time, on budget, while keeping their workers safe,” he says. “The fundamentals of our business are Safety, Quality, and Efficiency. It is our commitment to our customers that, with each project we execute, we are always delivering on those three fundamentals without sacrificing one for the other.” KEY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Irwin’s Safety prides itself on being a one-stopshop for safety and labor needs, offering services that cater comprehensively to the safety and labor needs of major producers , including Industrial Turnarounds, Safety Training, Rescue Services, First Aid/Medical Services, Industrial Firefighting, Safety Consulting, Occupational Testing, Confined 55 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Space Attendants, General Laborers, and Safety Equipment Supply. Irwin’s Safety is a pioneer in industrial safety innovation, evident through products like “Dragon Hooks,” which enhance safety in emergency victim retrieval scenarios. Another innovation is “Digital Confined Space Monitoring,” which leverages technology to remotely monitor confined spaces, reducing personnel requirements, project costs, and enhancing safety protocols while providing valuable data analytics. “This technology allows our customers to reduce the amount of personnel required for confined space maintenance events, reduce the overall project cost, and enhance confined space safety protocols all while providing valuable data analytics for future project planning/ scheduling,” says St. Martin. St. Martin says that Irwin’s Safety actively seeks feedback from all stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and vendors, using it as a foundation for continuous improvement. “We believe that inclusion and transparency amongst all stakeholders involved in our operational efforts is most important for creating a circle of trust that encourages feedback that we can then acknowledge, process, learn from, and build upon to constantly stay in a state of constructive evolution,” he says. INDIGENOUS ENGAGEMENT Irwin’s Safety has established successfully established several joint venture partnerships in Western Canada, including the Ktunaxa-Irwin Safety Alliance, LSIB-Irwin Safety, Musqueam-Irwin Safety 57 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Alliance, We Wai Kai-Irwin Safety Alliance, HaislaIrwin Safety Alliance, and Yuuse Medic Services. Their role in these partnerships is to actively develop a qualified workforce within the local communities they collaborate with. “By working with industrial and commercial operators to understand the labour needs for upcoming projects, Irwin’s Safety takes a proactive approach in developing and executing training programs for Indigenous communities that are relative to the upcoming major projects in their regions,” says St. Martin. This empowers community members with employable skills, including emergency response capabilities like First Aid, Rescue, and Wildland Firefighting. SUCCESS STORIES A notable success story that is illustrative of Irwin’s Safety success is the “six-week Emergency Worker training program for Nisga’a Education Skills & Training (NEST) in 2020.” This program equipped Nisga’a Nation students with essential skills to become Emergency Response workers in industrial environments, with five out of six students securing 58 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

employment within just three days of completing the program. “The training was a great confidence builder for the participants, and it was great to see their transitions knowing they could do an intense course and pass,” says Carmen Adams, Employment Advisor, Nisga’a Employment Skills & Training COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT When discussing Irwin’s Safety with St. Martin, perhaps nothing elicits his passion like the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, including initiatives like “Steel Toes to Sneakers” that encourage staff involvement in community recreational activities. The company also supports organizations like BC Children’s Hospital and sponsors youth participation in events like the North American Indigenous Games, promoting a sense of community and healthy lifestyle choices. “This year, we supported the BC Children’s hospital during the “Bats for a Cause Tournament” in Kelowna, BC, and supported a Nisga’a Nation youth to attend the North American Indigenous Games,” 59 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


says St. Martin. “We believe that providing an outlet for youth to join sports programs promotes a strong feeling of community while staying active and is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts.” While Irwin’s Safety has experienced significant growth, the company remains committed to expanding ethically and sustainably. The company’s primary focus is on “developing sustainable partnerships with local Indigenous communities and businesses,” leading to increased training and employment opportunities for community members and economic development in Western Canada. Through its history, vision, commitment to various sectors, innovative services, Indigenous partnerships, community involvement, and plans for the future, Irwin’s Safety demonstrates the positive impact that socially responsible businesses can have on society and industry. For more information, please visit 61 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a vital institution in Canada’s housing landscape, striving to create a future where every Canadian has access to affordable, safe, and suitable housing. CMHC was created after World War II, when Canada faced a significant housing crisis with a surge of returning veterans and a shortage of affordable housing. As a federal crown corporation, CMHC built homes for returning soldiers and their families. Over the years, its role has expanded to encompass various aspects of the housing market, including mortgage loan insurance and research. Currently the biggest challenge facing CMHC, and Canada, is the country’s serious housing affordability crisis. “Canada needs an ’all-hands-on-deck’ approach to address housing affordability,” says Romy Bowers, President. “We are bringing together governments, financial organizations and other partners including developers to incentivize and help make system-wide changes to address the housing needs of all Canadians.” CMHC plays an important role in supporting the stability of Canada’s housing finance system, which is key to housing affordability. It 63 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

does this through its commercial products, including mortgage loan insurance and multi-unit mortgage loan insurance, as well as providing lenders reliable access to mortgage funding. The corporation also conducts impartial research and provides essential data to inform housing policy. Moreover, CMHC helps deliver Government of Canada commitments to make housing more affordable, such as the National Housing Strategy which aims to address needs across the housing continuum. CMHC’s role extends beyond addressing housing issues; it also contributes to Canada’s economic resilience. During the 2008 financial crisis, CMHC’s mortgage loan insurance and securitization programs ensured that Canadians could maintain their homes and access essential mortgage financing. This support played a crucial role in helping Canada navigate the global recession. In 2023, as Canadians face economic challenges, including higher interest rates and record levels of debt, CMHC stands ready to absorb potential economic shocks and maintain stability. THE HOUSING CRISIS IN CANADA Canada is currently grappling with a housing crisis of significant proportions. This crisis comprises two distinct challenges impacting vulnerable populations and middle-income Canadians. 64 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Approximately one in ten households in the country faces core housing needs, living in unsafe, overcrowded, or unaffordable conditions. The issue of homelessness remains prevalent, with thousands of people experiencing it nightly thanks, in part, to decades of underinvestment in community housing. Also, middle-income Canadians are increasingly struggling to pay their mortgage or rent. The rapid escalation of housing prices, combined with inflation and high-interest rates, has placed a significant burden on this demographic. “The single biggest factor driving this housing crisis is the severe shortage of homes in most cities across the country,” says Romy. “It’s a simple equation of supply and demand. Our cities are growing, the people living in them need homes, and there simply aren’t enough to go around.” In fact, CMHC estimates that to restore affordability by 2030, Canada must build 3.5 million more homes than it is already on track to build – and that reaching that goal would take an investment of at least $1 trillion dollars. THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY’S ROLE The housing crisis isn’t solely a concern for CMHC or the government; it affects the broader Canadian economy as it’s becoming a bottleneck for economic growth. Romy Bowers, President 65 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

Businesses in large urban centers like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are finding it challenging to attract and retain employees due to housing shortages and high costs, says Romy. In response, they may have to offer higher salaries to compensate for the elevated cost of living. The crisis also results in people migrating away from urban areas in search of more affordable housing, potentially diminishing the appeal of cities to businesses. High housing prices, coupled with significant household debt, limit consumer spending, affecting various sectors of the economy. Further, that fact that we Canadians have the highest level of household debt in the G7, with three quarters of our debt tied up in mortgages, makes Canadians more vulnerable in the case of economic downturns and job losses. Not to mention the fact that with so much investment tied up in housing, a very lowproductivity asset class, Canadians aren’t investing in more productive segments of the economy. “At CMHC, we’ve mobilized all our resources to work towards restoring housing affordability,” says Romy. “But to fix the problem, every sector needs to get involved, including the business community. The health and prosperity of our communities and our economy depend on it.” 66 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA

BUSINESS COMMUNITY AS A CRUCIAL PARTNER Romy says the problem needs the kind of capital that only the private sector can provide – especially here in Canada where this sector supplies about 96 per cent of housing. “The government can incentivize this – and indeed there are already measures in place to encourage more much needed purpose-built rentals for middleincome Canadians,” says Romy. “For example, the Rental Construction Financing Initiative provides low-interest loans for developers at the early stages of a project. Additionally, the new Housing Accelerator Fund provides incentives to municipalities to do what they can to cut red tape and speed up things like permitting and zoning changes.” Also, CMHC provides a mortgage loan insurance product, MLI Select, that offers developers reduced premiums and longer amortization periods based on their commitment to affordability, accessibility, and climate compatibility. Recently Finance Canada has added additional incentives by making the construction of purposebuilt rentals GST-exempt, and by unlocking billions 67 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA


in additional financing through Canada Mortgage Bonds. While governments must continue to support community housing for vulnerable populations, the private sector’s involvement is indispensable. CMHC seeks innovation and new perspectives from the business community to improve building techniques, enhance supply chains, introduce new financing models, and promote sustainability. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE CMHC remains dedicated to helping Canadians access housing that is affordable and that meets their needs. It will continue to deliver existing federal government programs through the National Housing Strategy, making its commercial programs as effective as possible, and monitoring risks in the housing market. CMHC also recognizes the importance of encouraging more housing supply in the long term. The organization is positioning itself to best serve Canadians in the future by gathering knowledge and building partnerships. It aims to define its long-term role in the housing system, furthering its commitment to improving housing accessibility and affordability. As the nation faces the challenges of housing affordability and economic resilience, CMHC remains at the forefront. It is collaborating with all levels of governments and all sectors to respond to urgent needs now and build a better where housing is affordable for everyone in Canada. For more information, please visit 69 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA