BEC / DEC / 2023

Dermapure, a leading name in the field of medical aesthetics, is making waves across Canada with its holistic and patient-centric approach to aesthetic services. The company, formed through a strategic merger with Functionalab Group and FYi Medical Aesthetics, is setting new standards in the industry by prioritizing patient well-being and natural results. Dermapure’s mission, according to Marilyne Gagné, President & Founder, is to nurture self-confidence and provide a responsible, holistic approach to aesthetic services. “Our mission is deeply rooted in the responsible delivery of natural results, all while championing and nurturing self-confidence,” says Gagné. “What truly sets us apart is our holistic, patient-centric approach, which places the individual at the heart of every service we offer.” Marilyne Gagné, President & Founder 7 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA