BEC / DEC / 2023

in additional financing through Canada Mortgage Bonds. While governments must continue to support community housing for vulnerable populations, the private sector’s involvement is indispensable. CMHC seeks innovation and new perspectives from the business community to improve building techniques, enhance supply chains, introduce new financing models, and promote sustainability. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE CMHC remains dedicated to helping Canadians access housing that is affordable and that meets their needs. It will continue to deliver existing federal government programs through the National Housing Strategy, making its commercial programs as effective as possible, and monitoring risks in the housing market. CMHC also recognizes the importance of encouraging more housing supply in the long term. The organization is positioning itself to best serve Canadians in the future by gathering knowledge and building partnerships. It aims to define its long-term role in the housing system, furthering its commitment to improving housing accessibility and affordability. As the nation faces the challenges of housing affordability and economic resilience, CMHC remains at the forefront. It is collaborating with all levels of governments and all sectors to respond to urgent needs now and build a better where housing is affordable for everyone in Canada. For more information, please visit 69 DEC 2023 | BUSINESS ELITE CANADA