BEC / February / 2014 - page 98

ounded in 1977, Braden
Burry Expediting Ltd.
(BBE) is a leading suppli-
er of remote project logistics
expertise across North Amer-
ica and around the globe. In
2007, BBE was bought by
NorTerra Inc. and is presently
a part of the NorTerra Group
of Companies as a 100% Inuit
owned organization.
In the last 10 years, things
have changed dramatically for
the company in terms of their
business model. While their
previous supply chain was
limited to transfers between
Edmonton, Yellowknife, and
North of Yellowknife, the
company has seen dramatic
growth. Today, BBE provides
expediting, supply chain lo-
gistics, project staffing, and
cargo handling services do-
mestically and around the
world. In Canada, they act as
business elite canada
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