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ulogy is a leading provider of software and services that
use cloud technology to deliver personalized products
more efficiently, safely, and intelligently. The Toronto-
based company focuses on solving complex problems and is
disrupting the way technology is used in the supply chain to
help connect partners and manage operations, and is dedicated
to the craft of professional software product development.
What started as a team of young and passionate individuals,
who sought out to develop revolutionary software, grew into a
full-service, fully-certified company. Jason Tham, co-founder
and CEO, started the company with the mindset to revolution-
ize the manufacturing world of consumer packaged brands. Ten
years prior to the game-changing position Nulogy holds today,
Tham and his core group of four passionate, albeit young, part-
ners began the idea in his parents’ family room. “We cleared out
all the couches trying to develop software,” he reminisces. Tham
graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the
University of Waterloo, and has a background in manufacturing
through his time spent working with Magna International and
Kellogg’s, and has also helped grow some other companies in
high-tech domains. “I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit…
even in high school I would start small endeavours.”
The team of engineers, including Tham’s father, worked dili-
gently to secure a place in the corporate sphere, and took on
the infamous Mars chocolate manufacturing brand as their
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