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Q: This is the CFIB’s 50th anniversary.

                                                                         What does this milestone mean to you?

                                                                         A: Our 50th is a big deal.  Before our
                                                                         founder John Bulloch created CFIB, most

                                                                         policies were decided by big government,
                                                                         big business and big labour unions.

                                                                         Today, small business owners have a seat

                                                                         at the table. While small firms continue
                                                                         to face high taxes and many unfair rules

                                                                         and regulations, there are thousands of
                                                                         policies that have been changed for the

                                                                         better.  As an example, just a few weeks

                                                                         ago, CFIB won a major long-term battle
                                                                         for tax fairness for business owners

                                                                         who wish to sell their business to their

                                                                         children.  We are thrilled to report that Bill
                                                                         C-208 was passed and proclaimed into

                                                                         law, reversing a terrible policy that made

                                                                         it less expensive to sell your business
                                                                         to a stranger than to your kids.  We have

                                                                         worked with the Liberals, NDP and Tories
                                                                         on three separate private member’s bills

                                                                         over the years and I’m pleased to report

                                                                         that the third time was a charm.  It is a
                                                                         good example of the power of our informal

                                                                         motto: “we never give up and we never go

                                                                         Q: What are the long and short-term goals
                                                                         of the CFIB right now? What are your

                                                                         objectives as President?

                                                                         A: In the short-term, we will be working
                                                                         to get our members through the difficult

                                                                         months ahead as they and the economy

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