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calls were for help in accessing one or more of the

        key government support programs as there were so

        many rules to consider.  Other calls were related to
        the need for a reopening plan or for HR support in

        dealing with staffing issues, like layoffs or rehiring.

        Three, CFIB did thousands and thousands of

        media interviews to ensure the public understood
        the impact of the pandemic on small businesses.

        We’ve used this platform to reinforce the need for
        consumers to support small business, such as our

        #SmallBusinessEveryDay campaign.  As many

        Canadians used big box stores and online giants
        during the lockdown phase, it will be critical to get

        the public reunited with the smaller independents

        they love.

        Q: What will the CFIB continue to do going forward

        to alleviate some of the negative impacts?
        A: Our pandemic related work is far from over.  As

        I mentioned earlier, the average small business
        had inherited $160,000 in fresh COVID debt and

        we are calling on Ottawa and the provinces to help

        remove some of this burden.  And as only 35% of our
        members report they are back to normal levels of

        revenues, we are also calling on Ottawa to postpone
        the phasing out of the rent and wage subsidies.

        These are to end in September but CFIB believes

        it is just way too soon to end these programs until
        subsidies can be replaced by sales.   We will be

        using the pressure of the upcoming federal election

        to get all parties to commit to ways to support small
        businesses in the months ahead.

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