Exclusive Interview with Grand Chief Dr. Abel Bosum - page 16

cally new way of relating to our First
Nations and other Indigenous com-
munities. Prime Minister Trudeau
and a number of his cabinet ministers
have shown a very good understand-
ing of the kinds of changes that need
to occur. And, as I mentioned, the
full implementation of the U.N. Dec-
laration on the Rights of Indigenous
Peoples is an excellent starting point.
The Report of the Truth and Recon-
ciliation Commission also highlighted
that the Declaration provides an ex-
cellent framework for reconciliation.
What we have demonstrated in our
corner of northern Quebec is that it is
possible to recognize and give prac-
tical expression to Indigenous rights
without the sky falling and without
governments “giving away the farm”.
What we have shown, in fact, is that
such an approach is, in the end, in ev-
eryone’s best interests.
To Indigenous communities I would
say that this is the time to be alert to
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MAY 2018
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