Exclusive Interview with Grand Chief Dr. Abel Bosum - page 12

mining companies for the clarity of
the process and the resulting partner-
ships with our communities. All of our
IBA’s have resulted in win-win situa-
tions, and we believe that this is the
way of the future.
BEC: If, as you suggest, there can be
win-win situations as a result of rec-
ognizing Indigenous rights, why do
you think this has not been done be-
fore by Governments?
I have been encouraged by the
direction that the current Federal
government has taken with respect
to a number of sea-change initiatives
that could really make a difference. I
am particularly encouraged that this
government has agreed to a parlia-
mentary bill tabled before Parliament
by Cree M.P. Romeo Saganash which
will result in the full implementation
on the U.N. Declaration on the Rights
of Indigenous Peoples.
BEC: What have been some of the
positive benefits for the Indigenous
communities in your region?
As a consequence of our initial
Treaty, the James Bay and North-
ern Quebec Agreement, together
with subsequent major agreements
intended to implement the Treaty,
and with the various IBA’s and other
agreements with respect to the de-
velopment of our territory, we have
gone quite a long way in implement-
ing the major recommendations of
the “Royal Commission on Aboriginal
Peoples”, as well as key objectives of
the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of
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