Infrastructure Ontario - page 9

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cial buildings/structures and 130,000
acres of land, and over 5,000 con-
struction projects on provincial real
estate each year.
IO’s lending program provides afford-
able, long-term financing to public
sector clients enabling them to mod-
ernize and renew their infrastructure.
“With affordable, long-term financing
to public sector clients for infrastruc-
ture projects, IO has financed over
2,600 projects for 400 clients, lent
over $9.5 billion in financing to pub-
lic sector clients, and supported more
than $15 billion in local infrastructure
for the revitalization and moderniza-
tion of infrastructure in Ontario,” says
People across the province rely on
public infrastructure every day. From
the roads, bridges and public transit
they use to get to and from work, to
the schools children learn and play in,
to the hospitals where loved ones re-
ceive high-quality health care, Infra-
structure Ontario is working for On-
Waterloo LRT
Ottawa LRT
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