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business elite canada
sector clients on commercial transac-
Business Elite Canada
spoke with Mar-
ni Dicker, IO Chief Commercial Officer,
General Counsel & Corporate Secre-
tary, about what makes it a leading
organization. Prior to joining IO, Marni
was Senior Vice President, Business
& Government Affairs and Corporate
Counsel for SNC-Lavalin Inc. and was
also a commercial litigation lawyer
with two law firms. With private sec-
tor and infrastructure experience un-
der her belt, Marni looked to IO as a
place to use her skills.
“A large majority of people here at IO
come from the private sector, which
is what makes us a very special agen-
“The public sector has so many priorities and fiscal constraints, it absolutely needs the
help of private sector, for its balance sheets, experience and innovations.”
—Marni Dicker -Chief Commercial Officer, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Forensic Services and Coroners Complex
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