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cy of the Ontario government,” says
Dicker. “We understand the needs,
constraints, and nuances of the public
sector and deftly appreciate the asks it
makes of the private sector, so that we
are able to deliver on the entire pack-
age for billions of dollars of projects.”
Most importantly, adds Marni, the IO
team chooses to work at IO because
they want to contribute something
special to public service for the bet-
terment of the people of Ontario. IO
has brought more than 100 projects to
market, worth approximately $45 bil-
lion in capital cost. In real terms, that
means hospitals built, roads opened,
trains running on time, schools for the
children who need them. In addition,
Ontario’s infrastructure investments
are supporting, on average, more than
125,000 jobs each year.
When the new Oakville Trafalgar Hos-
pital opened in 2016, the President
and CEO at Halton Healthcare Denise
Hardenne lauded IO for its “exception-
al” framework. "The contributions of
the IO staff, from the project manage
EMS Station - Thunder Bay
Casey House
Women’s College Hospital
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