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says if you look at the case of Ontario, all
of their infrastructure projects are on their
website, and open to everyone. “No bid-
ding consortium is getting more or less
information than others, that really guaran-
tees a level playing field.”
The CCPPP established its own nation-
wide project data base, which is the most
comprehensive compendium of P3 proj-
ects in Canada. Launched this September,
P3 SPECTRUM is a one-stop-source for
strategic intelligence on projects, partners
and market trends.
At the time of this article, there were 266
P3 projects in virtually every corner of the
country and at all levels of government:
of those 266, 178 are operational; 46 are
under construction; and 42 are in procure-
ment. Private-Public Partnerships that
have reached financial close are valued at
more than $122 billion. The economic ad-
vantage is quantifiable—and is found pri-
marily in the fact that P3 projects come
online sooner than traditionally procured
projects. An independent study conduct-
ed by the Canadian Centre for Economic
Analysis (CANCEA) reveals the significant
economic value from delivering such as-
sets for public use sooner.
The study concluded that P3s get “assets
on the ground faster. Completing a $100
Ontario Environment Minister Chris Ballard
Canadian P3 story in Spain
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