The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnership - page 3

By Anna Guy
The Canadian Council of Public
smart, innovative, and modern ap-
proaches to infrastructure develop-
ment and service delivery through pub-
lic-private partnerships (P3s) with all levels
of government.
ormed in 1993, the Canadian Council for Pub-
lic and Private Partnerships (CCPPP) promotes
smart, innovative, and modern approaches to
infrastructure development and service deliv-
ery through public-private partnerships with all levels of govern-
ment. Canada leads the world in successful P3 projects—and the
CCPPP has played a large role in this success.
“The CCPPP mandate is to promote smarter, more innovative approach-
es to infrastructure projects, and 25 years later, this is still very much the
council’s focus,” Mark Romoff, President and CEO, tells Business Elite Cana-
da. “The CCPPP is a P3 itself, with members comprised from public and private
sectors, including all three levels of governments, Indigenous communities, and
private partners from all around the world.
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