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Why is advocacy important?
“We want
to foster an environment that encourages
collaboration, innovation and adoption of
standard practices to promote fair, open
and transparent business practices.” says
Famulak. Whether it is because of the in-
flux of new technologies or the increas-
ingly demanding performance require-
ments imposed by governments and the
public, construction projects are becoming
more complex. Architects, engineers and
contractors (the AEC industry) must work
closer together and with the owner com-
munity to ensure value is delivered in the
most efficient and effective manner.
Those who work on the front line of the
construction industry have long been
aware of the challenges that stand in the
way of efficient project delivery. For own-
ers and clients, budgets are increasingly
constrained and more must be done with
less. For the AEC companies, issues like
managing the work and risk associated
with incomplete design drawings, use of
non-standard contract documents, secur-
ing prompt payment for work complete
and managing the changing demograph-
ics within the industry contribute to less
than efficient project delivery. All at a time
when margins are historically low for all
VRCA’s response is to engage collabora-
Facilitating our ability to give back to community.
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