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infrastructure we use every day. They are
part of a $16-billion-dollar industry that pro-
vides 8.6 per cent of BC’s wealth and em-
ploys more than 225,000 men and wom-
en, making it the largest employer in BC’s
goods sector.
Construction is an important solution for
climate change as it responds to urbaniza-
tion demands and is a consumer of new
technologies and materials. BC’s industry
has some key milestones on its horizon:
• By 2026, the sector is projected to face
a skilled labour shortfall of approx. 15,000
• By 2032, the industry will be building
carbon neutral buildings.
• By 2041, one million people are expect-
ed to have relocated to Metro Vancouver.
The industry is therefore under upwards
pressure to build faster, greener and more
productively than ever before. Therein lies
the challenge and the opportunity for the
industry and associations like VRCA.
VRCA’s members are small, medium and large union and non-union
businesses in the LowerMainland, Fraser Valley and Sea to Sky region, who
build vibrant communities and state of the art schools, highways, hospitals,
community centres and infrastructure we use every day.
Facilitating connections to people at the 2017 Awards of Excellence Gala.
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