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plan, a roadmap that focuses on excel-
lence through adoption of best-in-class
approaches, innovative construction pro-
cesses, technologies, materials and busi-
ness strategies as a way to bring about
the transformational change the industry
needs to stay competitive.
VRCA plans to elevate to a new level its
industry roles – to Educate, Advocate and
Facilitate – through the evolution of cur-
rent, and the development of new pro-
grams and services to harness the oppor-
tunities and address the challenges facing
members now and in future. The three
pillars are underpinned by a foundation of
four business goals to optimize the use of
VRCA’s building, achieve full brand recogni-
tion as a construction centre of excellence
in the marketplace, continue to adopt best
practice board governance and operational
processes and procedures, and achieve
long-term financial viability.
Why is education important?
is a bridge to excellence,” says Famulak.
“We want to foster a culture of continu-
ous learning across the industry by offer-
ing world-class technical and non-technical
According to BuildForce Canada’s 2017-
2026 Construction and Maintenance Look-
ing Forward report, British Columbia’s la-
Facilitating connections to people at the 2017 Awards of Excellence Gala.
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